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.COM domain + 3 page website

@Rs 999/- only. Validity: 1 year

NO KIDDING! Get Online India, Now!

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Frequently asked questions

What all is included in Get Online India Rs 999/- offer?

Get Online India's Rs 999/- offer is a special initiative to help Indians and Indian businesses get a website to help them get out of the Covid-19 lockdown crises. Rs 999/- includes the following: 1. .COM domain name 2. Web Hosting 3. 3 page/section Web Designing

Who is behind Get Online India?

Get Online India is initiative by a patriotic Serial Solopreneur - Prabhloch Singh, because with Get Online India, Indians will bounce back from the Covid-19 crises! Prabhloch's solutions have previously powered more than 1400 domain registration years and several websites since 2002. Prabhloch has been regularly featured by all leading English dailies such as The Times of India, The Tribune, Indian Express, Hindustan Times, etc.

How long is the Rs 999/- website valid for and what happens after that?

Rs 999/- gives you a website + domain + hosting for 11 months. After 11 months, you have the option to switch to another provider or renew the website for Rs 1999/- only for another 11 months.